Food adda franchise cost in India: Cost, review

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Are you a small business owner or an investor and want to open and invest in your own franchise? Are you looking for an opportunity where you can earn a lot of money as an owner of a food business?

Then, you should look no further. I can guarantee that the food adda company will change your life into something much better.

The company name is food adda. It is a specialized industry of providing quality food items in your region. This is all about their system of business model and some good news for you guys.

We are going to discuss food adda franchise cost, review, and so on.

Below are the topics that we will cover in this stuff

  •  Why Food Adda Restaurant Business?
  •  What are the Food Adda franchise requirements?
  •  How much does it cost investment to open a Food Adda franchise?
  • Land (Area) Required to open a food adda Franchise.
  • What is the profit margin after taking the food Adda franchise?
  • What is the process to apply?
  • food adda franchise cost
  • food adda franchise review
  • Is the business model of the Food Adda Restaurant Franchise safe? Or what is the scope?

Why Food Adda Restaurant Business?

Food Adda is a food serving company with a focus on providing fresh, healthy, and tasty meals to the population of India. They are known for offering nutritious and wholesome food options that can be delivered in just 90 minutes or less.

The company was founded in 2011 by chef Parth Mehta, who has since become the CEO. who brought his valuable expertise to work Food Adda delicacies were love at first sight for all foodies.
Its founders have been working hard to make sure that it continues to be a leader in the Indian food delivery industry.

Food Adda offers its customers a variety of options so that they can choose what suits their needs best. They have over 200 different items on their menu, including rice dishes and noodles as well as soups and salads. There are also plenty of vegetarian options available if you prefer them over meat-based meals

.Food Adda received such a positive response in the first two months that operations were forced to shift from a stall to a small shop, then to a larger shop, and finally to Flagship and Current stores due to overcrowding.

The company’s goal is simple: offer delicious and healthy food at affordable prices so everyone can eat well without breaking their budget!

The food adda Company Commitment to providing continuous Warm and Friendly environmental street food for clients through a Nurtured Team that takes pride in their profession.

FOOD ADDA is a 100% vegetarian concept with multiple international cuisines under one roof, all with consistent taste, high quality, and excellent service.

The development of new recipes with menu innovation is required every six months based on customer data analysis. So, there is no chance not to open a food franchise.

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Food adda franchise cost in India

To become a Food Adda Franchise Owner, you must be financially stable because making the right investment in any Restaurant Business, especially with proper planning, is critical. A substantial investment is required to open a Food Adda franchise.

According to the business model, the initial investment for a Food Adda franchise is Rs. 15,00,000 Rupees. The franchise fee is Rs. 4,00,000+GST. The required minimum area is 200 square feet. On sales, a royalty of 7% plus GST will be charged.

Franchise Fee4,00,000 Rupees
GST of 18% on the Franchise Fee72,000 Rupees
Machinery and kitchen equipment expenses600000 Rupees
Interior Design and Furnishing3,000,000 Rupees
Signage and Branding40,000 Rupees
Marketing and the opening ceremony20,000 Rupees
Advance Raw Material40,000 Rupees
Other Expenditure28,000 Rupees
Total Investment15,000,000 Rupees

Your investment is also affected by your location. If you want to open a restaurant in a mall or in the city, it will cost you a lot of money, and the Food Adda Menu will also be determined by what kind of food the people of the city prefer.

Believe it or not, your Food Adda Menu has a substantial impact on your investment. On the other hand, if you open a Food Adda restaurant in a rural area or village, you will find that the land is less expensive than in the city and that your investment will be lower.

Space Required to open a food adda Franchise

To open a Food Restaurant, it is critical that you select the right location and land, where everything you need is easily accessible. If you want to open a restaurant with a Food Adda Franchise, choose a location where the items used in the restaurant are easily accessible and where there is a large crowd on a daily basis.

The LAND required to open a franchise is a minimum (100 to 200 SqFt)

It makes no difference whether your food Adda Franchise Restaurant is small or large, but it should be located in an area where people can easily see it. It is not necessary to own land in order to obtain a Food Adda Franchise; you can start your restaurant by renting land.

Profit margin after taking the food Adda franchise

You won’t have to worry about profit once you own a Food Adda franchise. The distributor is given a different profit margin on each product in this case. You can earn lakhs if you run your restaurant with proper planning.

Your profit is also determined by your restaurant’s sales. A company has various types of products, each with a different margin, which provides you with numerous advantages. Set no goals at first, but instead, strive to make more and more people your customers.

This requires that the taste of your food be good, as well as the atmosphere of the restaurant, whether cleanliness has been maintained or not. All of these factors can make or break the image of your restaurant.

food Adda Franchise is known as a family restaurant where people of all ages, including children and the elderly, come to eat. So, if your restaurant’s environment is good, more and more people will become customers, and you will be able to earn the desired profit and margin.

What are the Food Adda franchise requirements?

If you also want to earn a lot of money by opening a franchise with a big company called food adda and serving food to people, then you will need some qualifications and some documents because this company has been serving its former customers in the market for many years. doing and that’s why something for this company if you need documents for qualification

Food Adda Franchise Documents

  • NOC
  • rent agreement
  • Shop Agreement / Sale Deed

Business Documents:

  • Qualification Certificate
  • GST Number
  • FSSAI License
  • Business PAN Card

Personal Documents:

  • Photograph, Phone Number, Email ID
  • Bank Account And Passbook
  • Address Proof – Electricity Bill and Ration Card
  • ID Proof – Voter ID Card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card

So this is the main requirement with which you can work by joining the company. If you have three documents, then you can open a franchise with a big company, Food Adda, and you can earn a lot of money and work.

How to apply for Food Adda franchise

There is a very simple process to apply for the Food Adda Franchise, just you have to follow the steps given below.

To apply for a Food Adda Franchise:-

food adda franchise cost in India 2023
  • Go to their official website
  • After you open the website
  • You will see the option of Franchise on the home page
  • Which will open a form.

Fill in whatever information about yourself is requested in the form, such as

How to apply for Food Adda franchise
  • Your name, location, phone number, and so on.
  • After filling out the form, click the Submit button.

After submitting the form, you will receive some inquiries within a few days, and if you are shortlisted, you will be contacted by a company representative.

Is the business model of the Food Adda Restaurant Franchise safe?

For many years, the food Adda company has maintained its market position. Food Adda is popular not only because of its name but also because of its taste. As a result, any type of food restaurant can exist in the market if it is located in the right location and is opened with the proper investment.

If we talk the Food Adda Franchise, it is a well-known restaurant, and all of its Franchise Outlets have now been opened, and their market profit is very good.

Food items in Food Adda Franchise Restaurants range in price from Rs. 20/- to Rs. 500/-. Let us tell you that Food Adda Restaurant has over 40 outlets that serve their Favorite food to thousands of Food Lovers who visit every day. More than ten lakh customers have joined Food Adda so far..

The business of Food Adda never stops, the food always goes on. And you will also benefit.

How many franchises does Food Adda have?

Food adda have around 40+ outlets in India


This post is written to help readers who are willing to expand their business by opening franchises of food adda. Find the total investment required and the detailed procedure to start it. food adda franchise cost in India

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