Haldiram franchise Apply in 2023: is haldiram franchise profitable? | cost of haldiram franchise in India

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A franchise is a very good business system, which is run by many people in this country. Today we will tell you the process of applying Haldiram Franchise.

Haldiram’s is a very famous and leading food brand in the country. This brand is famous for the quality of food and the taste of its products. The taste of Haldiram products is always remembered by the buyer.

Haldiram’s products are in great demand in the market. And if you also want to work with a company like Haldiram, then this blog is for you. Haldiram franchise Apply in 2023

We are going to Discuss everything that you need to know about the Haldiram franchise. so what you have to do is just read this article till the end.

Note: इन्टरनेट पर कुछ fake websites भी मौजूद हैं Haldiram franchise के नाम से. इसलिए कृपया आप उनसे बच के रहें | नीचे हम उन वेबसाइट के बारे में भी बताएँगे

Below we have listed the things that we are going to cover in this particular article.

  • What is the cost of haldiram franchise?
  • Is haldiram franchise profitable?
  • Haldiram franchise contact number
  • Cost of haldiram franchise in india
  • How much money do you need to invest to own haldiram franchise?
  • How to apply for haldiram franchise?

So let’s get started

Haldiram Franchise Types

How many outlets and models are there in Haldiram and which models and outlets can you open? Let’s discuss this.

There are currently two models running inside the company, one FOFO model and one FOCO model.

  • FOFO = Franchise Owned Franchise Operated.
  • FOCO = Franchise Owned Company Operated.
Haldiram franchise Apply in 2023
Haldiram Franchise Types

So let us tell you that if you want to start haldiram’s franchise and if you want to take advantage of it, then which ones do you get to open the outlet? How many models are there that you can open the outlet

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What is FOFO Model in Haldiram Franchise?

FOFO model is the Haldiram Express model in which you will get snacks, bakery, frozen gift items, papad, dairy products, chocolates, and cakes at some limited locations. So this is the FOFO model.

Franchisee Fee5 Lakhs + GST (Non-refundable)
Security Deposit1 Lakh (Refundable)
Area Required400 – 1000 Sqft with Min 15 to 20 Ft frontage. (Separate area for storage)
Preferred LocationPrime Location, Ground Floor & High Footfall Areas
Feasible Rent Per MonthRs. 25,000/- to Max 70,000/- ( Preference to owned shop)
Total InvestmentApprox 30 to 35 lacs (Depending upon the size of the shop)
Franchise Tenure5 years
Renewal Cost & ConditionHPO Renewal Fees ` 5 Lakhs + GST (After 5 years)
Working DaysOpen 365 Days
Payment Terms100% Advance
Transport SupportDoor Delivery
Returns and replacement support100% replacement For manufacturing defects, Damages in transit
Fresh Products ReturnCompany will bear 25% of HPO purchase cost of fresh snacks (First 3 months)
Cakes & Confectionary100% replacement For Expiry ( 3 days)
Retail Agency Margin20% on prepacked, 40% on Fresh Snacks, and 20% on cakes & confectionary (Depending on location and territory exclusivity, as determined by the company)
Earnings per monthAbove Rs. 50000/- Approx
Investment Payback Period3 Years

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What is FOCO Model in Haldiram Franchise?

Now the FOCO model is a Chaat counter model. In this, you get to open some limited 3 to 4 locations. Where the restaurant of the company is already open, you get to open the chaat counter.

Franchisee Fee3 Lakhs + GST (Non-refundable)
Machinery & Equipments Approx5 Lacs
Renewal Cost & Condition3 Lakhs + GST (After 5 years)
Security Deposit1 Lakh (Refundable)
Area Required100 Sqft
Preferred LocationFront Margin
Feasible Rent Per MonthRent Free
EligibilityFOCO Franchisee available only for Existing HPO
Franchisee Tenure5 years
Franchisee Lock-In Period2 years
Working DaysOpen 365 Days
Franchisee Operational investmentSpace, Electricity Bill, Software charges, Marketing
Brand Operational InvestmentRaw Material, Labour, Transport, Disposables, Expiry Cost
Revenue Share10% Franchisee, 90% Brand

But I would prefer that you should go with the FOFO model only. If you want to start your business by joining the company then FOFO Model is the best.

There is another turning point that you need to read carefully. The franchise is being given here to open multiple outlets.

So if you want to join here then you will get a minimum of five outlets to open here and a maximum you can open 15 outlets, if you want to open in your location then you will be given five places to open.

Veer ji malai chaap wale franchise cost, fee, Profit, Review

Investment, Need and Support

So let’s talk further that how much investment is going to be required for you. What is the requirement? How can you get profit? What support is available from the company? How can you apply? What is service? What is the cost of haldiram franchise? We will talk about everyone.

In order to qualify for a Haldiram franchise, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be at least 21 years old.
  • Applicants should have completed their 12th grade.
  • You should have experience in the FMCG distributorship business.
  • Proper investment and space are essential.

Requirement for haldiram franchise

So let us first of all talk about what the basic requirement is going to be in this. first of all, you should have a proper investment. You can understand that you are being given 5 outlets to open, then your investment there will be very good. But according to the amount you invest, you will also get the return on investment.

Then you will have the space requirement You can keep your space 400 to 1000 sq ft. but Space depends on your place, at which place you want to open.

This means, what is the place?, how many people have to come and go?, how many Sells can be there, etc., according to that you can increase your area.

Space400 sq ft. (Recommended)
Educational QualificationMust Complete their 12th
Experience FMCG Distribution needed
Age21 years+
Investmentin FOFO Model – 35 – 40 Lakhs and FOCO – 8-10 Lakhs

Let’s talk about investment

So the minimum we will tell you the investment will be in the area of 400 to 1000 sq ft. And along with that I will talk about the complete investment including some equipment and expenses.

FOFO Model Investment:-

Franchise Fee₹ 5 Lakh + GST (Non-Refundable)
Security Deposit₹1 Lakh (Refundable)
Tenure of franchise 5 years
Outlet Space400 to 1000 sq ft.
Furniture, equipment, etc.₹ 8 lakh
Appliances, Electronics, etc.₹ 4 lakh
Interior cost₹ 12 lakh
Total investment₹ 35 – 40 lakhs Approx

FOFO Model (Chaat Counter) Investment:

Franchise Fee₹ 3 Lakh + GST (Non-Refundable)
Security Deposit₹1 Lakh (Refundable)
Machinery & Equipment₹ 4 lakh Approx
Outlet Space100 sq ft.
Total investment₹ 8 – 10 lakhs Approx

So this was the investment of the FOFO and FOCO model. we have told this investment by calculating and contacting some old outlets.

Documentation and License

Now we will talk about what documents and licenses you will need to open a franchise in Haldiram and what will be the process.

If we talk about id proof, then some simple id proof will be required like:-

Personal Documents

  • Identity Proof – Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card
  • Address Proof: Electricity Bill/Ration Card
  • Educational Qualification – 12th Marksheet
  • Photograph, Email Id, Mobile Number
  • Current A/C and cancel Cheque.

Licenses Documents

  • Shop Ownership Proof
  • Trade license
  • Food License (Fscai)
  • Registered Rent Agreement

If you have all these documents then you can start a franchise with the company. So this is was a matter of investment.

Now let us talk about what kind of support you are going to get from the company.

Support from the company side

So till now, we have talked about outlets, investment, and many other things. But when we will apply these things, will invest so much in the company, will put in our hard work, will spend our time and after that, we will not get any support from the company, it cannot happen.

how to get distributorship of haldiram
how to get distributorship of haldiram namkeen

When we invest so much hard work to open a franchisee in Haldiram, then let’s talk about the kind of support we will get from the company.

  • Brand name and permission to use
  • “Haldiram Express” and Signing Board
  • Training for operations, quality control, and assurance
  • Product Information and SOP Guidelines Booklet
  • Website and Mobile App Support
  • Facility for Delivery Portal tie-up
  • Company Appointed Turn Key Project Setup Execution Agency
  • Supply and serving of standardized packaging.

So if you join Haldiram company and start your franchise with Haldiram, then first of all, here you are associated with such a big company with such a big brand name, then you can use Haldiram’s brand name. .

Along with that, the company provides you a board which you can put outside your outlet, along with it you are also given a certificate. Training is also provided by the company. Whoever provides you with all the training for managing your company or how to handle an outlet, you are given information about all the new products that come from any product or whatever the available products are. do you have a booklet with it or

Then the catalogs are provided to you by the company, like a business with it, website and mobile app of your outlet are also made here by the company, so that those people who are sitting from their home order something, then you can give them their deliver the order

Profit and margin in haldiram franchise

So almost now we have talked about all the things so that you can open a good franchise with Haldiram but after opening the franchise if our profit is not there then all the hard work will go in vain. that’s why now we talk about profit margin.

is haldiram franchise profitable?
is haldiram franchise profitable?

So as you can see above, this chart has been prepared for the office by the company, on the basis of the 2 available franchises of Haldiram, this graph has been prepared that how much sales are being made by those people.

Because what is it that when you apply for the franchise, then the survey team of the company will survey your area that, if you open a franchise here, whether there can be sales or not or if there will be sales then how much, etc. Let’s do a survey on the basis of the same it is opened here.

Let us assume that 1 day’s sale is ₹ 30000, then 1 month’s sale is ₹ 900000 and if we add the operating cost, whatever the operating cost is, such as electricity bill, product price, etc., then it comes to is ₹ 775000 and if we subtract ₹ 775000 from ₹ 900000, then our net profit comes to ₹ 125000.

So our total net profit for 1 month is ₹ 125000 means our profit is 14% and if we add 1 year it comes to ₹ 1500000.

But this profit can be more or less at different places, I am telling only through the craft of the old franchisee of the company.

And let me tell you one more thing as soon as you join Haldiram’s company to open a franchisee, the area manager there will personally meet you and explain everything to you as a complete module. Whatever is the investment, whatever is the profit, what is the module, where will be the outlet, how much space is needed, etc., he will explain everything to you in detail.

How to apply for Haldiram Franchise?

Apply can be done in many ways like online and offline and there are many ways. Here I will tell you two ways first online and one offline. below is the answer of your most asked query which is how to get distributorship of haldiram namkeen.

Haldiram Franchise Online Apply

If you want to apply online, then click on the link given below, from there you will Land on a form. you just have to fill required information in the form and. after that the manager of your area will definitely contact you, tell him your details, after that you can apply.

Apply for Haldirams Franchise

  • When you click on this link, it will land you on the official website of haldiram.
  • just fill in the information
  • and click on the submit
  • Manager of your area will connect you soon

Haldiram Franchise Offline Apply

If you are not able to apply online for any reason, then you will call on the number given below, from where a person will take some information from you and then fix a meeting so that you can also apply for your franchise and complete it. he will explains the procedure.

Haldiram franchise contact number

Below we have given the official haldiram franchise contact number. you can connect with him on the call.

Mob – 8007722022

Email: amol.ramteke@haldirams.com

Official Websites: www.haldirams.com

Haldiram franchise cost Delhi

Haldiram franchise cost Delhi is the same as we have mentioned upper in the table. but there’s little difference.

The Haldiram franchise cost Delhi would be around 10-12 lakhs for FOCO Model and 35-45 Lakhs for the FOFO Model.

Fake Websites that are available on the internet.

  1. https://haldiramfranchise.in/
  2. https://haldiramonlinefranchise.com/
How to apply for haldiram franchise?

These two are fake websites, they are making fools by looting people. so be aware of these scammers.

What is the cost of haldiram franchise?

It depends on the franchise model that you want to have. if you want to go with FOCO then it will cost 10-12 Lakhs and if you want to go with FOFO Model then it will Cost 35-40 Lakh INR.

Is haldiram franchise profitable?

Yes, haldiram Franchise is Profitable. the company provides two business model in Franchise. and both are profitable. we have discussed everything in details

How to apply for haldiram franchise?

You can easily apply for the haldiram Franchise. you can apply by the submitting form that is available on the official website of haldiram. and second, you can connect by email or phone number with their business executive.

How to contact haldiram for franchise?

You can connect with haldiram for a franchise through their official website.
www.haldirams.com. note this the only official website.

How much is haldiram worth?

As of 2022, Haldiram’s brand value is $100 million, with $1 billion in revenue and $150 million in net profit.

How can i get haldiram franchise?

You can get haldiram franchise by qualifying the criteria that we have discussed in detail. after that, you can connect with their business executive on the call.

How can i contact haldiram for franchise?

You can contact haldiram through Email support, Phone call support, and Official Website support.

Wrapping Up

We hope that how to apply for Haldiram Franchise as well as investment in Haldiram’s Outlet Haldiram etc.

So we hope you have liked this information very much, getting Haldiram Franchise is not an easy task, but with the right information, if you want to do something, then you can never fail in that and we are sure that this blog After reading this, you will not face any problem to open Haldiram’s franchise, we hope that whenever you open your franchise, you will definitely remember us.

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