The 13 Best Shark Tank Deals, Ranked By IMDb Episode Rating

The 13 Best Shark Tank Deals, Ranked By IMDb Episode Rating

shark Tank, a television series in which budding entrepreneurs present their business ideas to a panel of investors, premiered on ABC in August 2009 and has remained one of the network’s biggest shows ever since. The “tank” is a place where anyone can be successful with a marketable build and the means to build it – although putting together a good pitch and having a little business sense certainly doesn’t hurt.

From zany one-liners like Kevin O’Leary’s “Goodbye, You’re Dead to Me” to well-crafted startups like Simple Sugars, dozens of businesses have found their success by escaping the shark.

Updated by Lynn Gibbs on May 13, 2022: Shark Tank just had its 13th season, which proved just how much viewers admire and appreciate the relationship between start-up companies and investors. Over the years, the Sharks have had some good and bad business ideas that graced their Shark Tank stage, and some episodes were rated better on IMDb than others. Some of the best Shark Tank deals revolve around simple concepts and entertaining interactions with sharks, and fans can agree that these are some of the best Shark Tank episodes.

Season 7, episode 7 introduced Simple Fit Board (produced by mother-daughter duo Linda Clarke and Gloria Hoffman). The low IMDb score doesn’t seem to have affected Balance Board sales, however, as the muscle-toning workout device has brought in more than $160 million since the episode aired, making it the fourth best-seller. has gone. shark Tank investment, according to sews,

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