The Big Bang Theory: The Characters’ 11 Most Impractical Outfit Choices, Ranked

The Big Bang Theory: The Characters’ 11 Most Impractical Outfit Choices, Ranked

It is not often that the tight-knit group of big bang theory does something that is good enough to be considered impractical. Everyone except Penny is a scientist and a logical thinker before making decisions. Sheldon, Leonard and the gang wore versions of the same outfit every day with layers and symbols from their favorite fandoms. For ladies, Penny loved wearing colors and fans wanted from her wardrobe, Amy adored her knee-length skirt, and Bernadette enjoyed a cute cardigan and dress combo.

On the rare occasion when this group found themselves in an impractical costume choice, it’s easy to recognize it because it was so different to them, making the scene more fun. The hilarious fashion faux-pass seeing this group of friends added to the allure of the show.

Updated by Lynn Gibbs on May 13, 2022: The main characters of The Big Bang Theory weren’t known for their fashion moments as much as they were known for their brains. Similar to the cartoon, the men in the group wore similar clothes in every episode, with subtle changes here and there. Women were very similar in their fashion choices except for Penny. Penny’s outfit on TBBT reveals what she was up to and who she was with. This was not the case with others. However, there were also moments when a group of TV’s favorite friends wore outfits that were out of place and impractical.

The saddest thing about Amy was how badly she wanted her friends’ traditional married life, but she was with a challenging man who went at a different pace than her. If she wasn’t going to get a sex life, roommate, or husband from Sheldon, she was going to live her life to the fullest to please herself.

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