Raspberry Pi Introduces a $6 Board With Wi-Fi

Everyone's favorite versatile microcontroller maker, Raspberry Pi, just unveiled a handful of new, budget-minded products.

The new Pico W is launching today for $6

The “W” (and extra $2) brings 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity to the system.

The $5 Pico H provides a pre-populated header for interefacting with different techniques

This product, which also happened to be the company's first-ever machine to use a single microcontroller chip

The addition of wi-fi opens the system to all method of attention-grabbing, networked IoT/good units.

The tiniest Raspberry Pi gets a new version with built-in Wi-Fi

Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton writes that the Infineon CYW43439 Wi-Fi chip

Pi Pico uses the old 2.4 GHz-only 802.11n (or Wi-Fi 4) protocol

Raspberry Pi Pico W: Things you should know Read More

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